Parkview Special School

To be the best that we can be

2 Brokerstown Road, Lisburn, Co.Antrim, BT28 2EE

028 92601197

Who's Who


Pupils are taught in small classes ranging from 2 to 10 pupils.

There are currently 24 classes each with a teacher and a classroom assistant.  Some classes have an additional classroom assistant to support particular educational programmes or pupils.


Principal - Mr Colin Ward

Vice-Principal - Ms Nicola Kelly

 Head of Oak Department & Senior Teacher -  Mrs Linda Ferris

Head of KS1-KS2 - Mrs Mary McLachlan

Head of Extended Education Centre - Mrs Nichola Donnan

Head of foundation stage / Nursery, ICT 1 Coordinator - Ms Ruth Morris

ICT 2 Coordinator - Ms Alana Brown

Head of KS3-KS4 / Numeracy Coordinator - Ms Lynsey Curran

PDMU Coordinator - Mrs Elizabeth Magee

Literacy Coordinator - Mrs Lisa Bowes 

Extended Schools Coordinator - Mr Paul Devine

Arts coordinator + Specialist Music Teacher - Mrs Joanne Boyd


School secretary - Ms Dawn Robinson

Clerical Staff -  Mrs Rachel Cairns




Designated Teacher for Child Protection - Ms Nicola Kelly

Deputy Teacher for Child Protection - Mrs Linda Ferris

Deputy Teacher for Child Protection - Ms Ruth Morris